Change your electricity bill ( Tenaga Nasional Berhad TNB) Bill to new owner name

If your lawyer declares that you are the new owner for your house, normally this is when your bank had just released the full amount of your loan amount to the vendor or seller, you can change your house electricity bill or TNB ( Tenaga Nasinal Berhad ) bill  to your name now .



To perform the transfer from previous owner name to your name for the electricity bill or TNB bill, the following documents will be required. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB )




  • Sales & Purchase ( S&P ) Document, photocopy one set to give them and bring the actual S&P with you. In case, they want to certify it. Normaly, it does not required to certify.
  • Photocopy of new owner IC, bring the IC with you too,in case, they want to certify.

The charges for the transfer of electric bill or TNB Bill will be as following.

  • RM 400 cash or cheque for deposit, please note that they do not take credit cards.
  • RM 3 for the service change to change owner for the electric bill or TNB bill.
  • RM 10 X 2 for Setem Hasil.

After you have all the above documents and money ready, you can proceed to Kedai Tenaga to perform the name transfer of the electricity bill or TNB bill. It is advised to go to the Kedai Tenaga that near to your property to prevent any hassle. For nearest Kedai Tenaga available, you can refer Kedai Tenage list.

In normal case, Tenaga Nasional Berhad ( TNB ) will not close the account and it is more like name transfer from previous owner to the new owner. The deposit of the previous owner will be used to settle the balance and they will send letter to previous owner to request them to collect back their deposit at Kedai Tenaga.