Change your Indah Water Bill to new owner name

Same like electricity bill or TNB Bill, when the buyer's lawyer declared that the buyer is the new owner for that house or the buyer's bank had paid the full amount to the vendor, the buyer or the new owner can proceed to change the ownership for Indah Water account of that property.


To change the ownership of the Indah Water bill, the buyer required to bring the following documents.

  • Photocopies of the 1st, 2nd and last two pages from the 'Sales & Purchase Agreement' with the names of the purchaser/seller, property address, date of agreement and signatories of all parties concerned are to be submitted to IWK for any change of ownership.


Indah Water Bill It is recommended to bring your original Sales & Purcahses Agreement and your IC in case it is needed for verification. You can refer Indah Water FAQ for more info.

After the new owner get ready all the documents, the owner can go to any Indah Water Customer Services Centre to perform change ownership of the Indah Water account. You can refer the Indah Water Customer Services Centre list here.

No charge would be required to perform this change.

Alternatively, if you are not free to go to Indah Water Customer Services Centre to perfom the ownership change, you can fax your documents as above to Indah Water fax number. Indah Water will take about 2 weeks to change your Indah Water account to your name.