Average Rental Per Square Feet for Penang, Malaysia

Different type of properties will bring different type of income. Some is good in capital appreciation while some is good in rental rate.

Hence, it is important to know the average rental per square feet for different type of properties before the investors decide to buy which type of properties.


The following is the average rental per square feet for different types of properties in Penang, Malayisa.



No. Properties Type Class Location Average Rental per s.f. Last Updated
1. Office Luxuries Penang RM2.50 - RM3.50 1 June 2010
2. Office First Class Penang RM2.20 - RM2.70 1 June 2010
3. Office Second Class Penang RM1.50 - RM2.00 1 June 2010
4. Retail Shop First Class Mall Penang RM13.00-RM35.00 1 June 2010
5. Retail Shop Second Class Mall Penang RM5.00 - RM15.00 1 June 2010
6. Flat Normal Penang RM0.50 - RM0.80 1 June 2010
7. Condominium Normal Penang RM0.80 - RM1.10 1 June 2010


 Based on the table, the investor can know that retail shop in shopping mall tends to have better average rental per square feet. Hence, when the investors try to compare different type of properties to invest, he can use average rental as one of the criteria to make decision.