Change PBA bill to new owner name

Same like TNB bill and Indah Water Bill, when the handover process from previous owner to new owver is completed, the new property owner can go ahead to change the Water Bill or PBA ( Perbadanan Bekalan Air ) Bill ownership to his or her name.

The handover process normally will happen after previous owner received the full amount of the purchase price from previous owner or from the previous owner's financing bank.

To change the ownership of the Water bill or PBA bill, the owner required to bring the following documents.

  • Sales and Purchase Agreement ( S&P ) if you bought the properties from secondary market or Contract of Sales with Proclamation of Sales if you bought the properties from Auction.
  • A document to prove the new owner had paid the full payment of the purchase price. Normally, this could be a lawyer letter or receipts from the lawyer. Normally, the PBA employee won't check whether you paid the full amount, but bring it just in case.
  • A photocopy of the owner IC and the original IC.
  • RM80 as deposit for PBA account.
  • Purchase RM20 of setem hasil.

For more info, you can refer PBA Website.

After the owner had ready all the documents, he or she can proceed to any PBA counter here. 


In the case that the owner cannot go the PBA counter to submit the change, he or she can authorize another individual to submit the change on behalf of him. He just need to prepare an authorization letter, signed it and give all the documents to the authorized individual. The authorized individual needs to prepare one copy of his or her own photostep copy of IC too. Water Bill

For some condominium that the water bill managed under the property management, they does not need to submit this application since the water is not managed by PBA but the respective property management. In this case, they just need to change the owner name for the said property with the property management office.

After the application had been submitted, PBA will take 1-2 weeks to change the water meter on the said property.