Top 3 Highest Cash Rebate Credit Card in Malaysia

Cash Rebate credit cards had been become more and more popular in Malaysia. More and more people start to realize its benefit over the traditional point reward credit card. Most banks in Malaysia including oversea banks also continue to come out new cash rebate card to capture the market.


But, what is the best cash rebate credit card in Malaysia? The best that we are saying , is the cash rebate credit card that can help you to save the most money while you are spending on your retail shopping and daily groceries. The following is the Top 3  Highest Cash Rebate Credit Card in Malaysia.


Credit Card Feature Limitation Minimum Income

OCBC Titanium Master Card


- 5% off dining at more restaurants worldwide.

- 5% off groceries from more grocers everywhere.

- 5 % off more bills and utilities paid any way, worldwide. Can use for Bills, utilities, telcos, fixed-line and Internet.

- 5% off petrol at more stations everywhere.

- 1% off everything else you swipe for.

- Spent more than RM10,000 per year to offset your Government Service Tax.

- With 12 swipe per year, waive annual fee.

- Rebate up to maximum RM50 per month or RM600 per year.


Citibank Cashback Platinum Card


- 5% rebate for any petrol station ( up to RM600 total spend per month )

- 2% rebate for Pharmaceutical spending in Watson, Guardian.

- 2% rebate for groceries like Tesco, Giant, and Jusco.

- 2% rebate for phone bill like Digi and Maxis phone bill.

- 0.3% on any other purchase.

- The rebate will only credited to account after the amount had accumulated up to RM50.

- Petrol rebate capped at maximum RM30 per month.


Alliance Bank Younique Rebate Card


- Monthly cash rebate up to 2% on all retail purchases without restriction on petrol, groceries or specific merchants.

- Truly a one-of-a-kind rebate card for anything, anytime, anywhere

- Swipe 12 times within one year to enjoy automatic annual fee waiver.

- Personalized Picture on your card.

- Provide cash rebate feature while still offer timeless bonus point reward.

- Government Service Tax can be rebated by using 10,000 point.

- Different spending range will use different rebate percentage to calculate the actual cash rebate.

- Monthly spending cap applied depend on whether your card is classic, gold or platinum card.

RM 18,000